Cat Sat

Chatty Bit: We have been on a birding and family visitation to the Southeast of England, namely Kent. This has been followed by a week in our daughter and partner’s house, cat sitting etc, while they enjoy the sights abroad. By this weekend we were well frazzled, and went into permanent chill-out mode, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I thought I’d take a series of photos of the garden here, which I could use for a Facebook post to show them how nice their garden is keeping, and a post here to show everyone I’m still awake, and thinking of you all.

Piccy Bit:

690 Chaenomeles japonica
We know this as Japonica, which is only half of it’s name. I discovered today that it is Chaenomeles japonica, an ornamental quince.

691 Chaenomeles japonica
A macro which has highlighted some dust particles, but they are between the glass works of the camera !!

697 Rhus
This is the flower (?) and new leaves on a Rhus. They have gorgeous autumn colours and need to be well pruned to keep them to a manageable size.

699 Bluebell

700 Bluebell
Bluebells of course, but these are the typical ‘garden’ ones, being Spanish or a Spanish/English hybrid.

728 Bee feeding on a Pulmonaria - Lungwort
A bee (?) feeding on a Pulmonaria (Lungwort) flower. It’s got a massive feeding tube, which is why I question it’s insectorial nomenclature. I had loads of fun trying to photograph all manner of bees and insects, with a success ration of 2%, LoL.

752 Pulmonaria - Lungwort
Pulmonaria in close-up.

748 Blue Tit at the bathing pool of the water feature.
A Blue Tit not bathing!! but some have been, plus Great Tits, Robins, Dunnocks and a Goldcrest, and on a daily basis too.

781 Pond and water slide
The pond and water feature with a Fan Palm of some sort against the fence.

756 Mahonia
One species of Mahonia.

766 Mahonia
A shrubby version of Mahonia.

767 Mahonia
Fruits on the Mahonia.

790 Daffodils
The Daffodils are at the end of their season, but a few still look very pretty.

794 Daffodils
A welcoming sight at the front yard / garden entrance.


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