Sunset? What Sunset

I was visiting Ynys y Fydlyn for a geocache earlier in the week, when I met a couple of photographers. One was a professional, and the other his amateur friend. Ben said his professional friend was checking out the island for a ‘hoped for’ sunset later in the evening. They were here to see if an arch through the island would be suitable for the sunset photos. He showed me a gadget – a piece of white plastic with a compass in the centre, and lines labelled Jan to Dec. By aligning the compass mark with magnetic North, the lines showed him where the sun sets at various times of the year. How cool I thought, to visit a place, and know if it’s layout means it’s worth coming back later for some photos. It was a good sunset that evening too.

I thought it would be nice to do some sunset photos for the lone shootaboot. All week we had been getting stunning sunsets, and so I was expecting nothing less for the weekend. Don’t you just adore an optimist? Saturday night came and the sunset was one of those salmon ones, running along the horizon, but a cloudless sky meant no fancy bits.

Sun Compass App
The App on the phone

On Sunday I did an App search, and found one that did what was required. I was now hoping for a nice sunset, and I could do a quick check on the App to see if it actually did point in the correct direction – I’ve got a lot of my dad in me, LoL. It was near enough by the way.

41 Baby Begonia blooms
At least we had some colour here.

As sunset hour approached, and of course, with the App we new exactly when it was, there were still no colours in the sky. While we waited a bit longer, I topped up the bird feeders and watered the flowers in the planters. I took some pics of the flowers too, so I would at least have something to post!

We set off for our proposed venue, and it’s now only 40 minutes from sunset time, and still no colour anywhere. We changed our plans en-route, and nipped into a local birding spot on the Menai Straits valled Traeth Lafan, (Lafan Beach), rather than continue further along the coast. No point in going too far if nothing was going to happen.

48 Sunset thro' grass
Our sunset on arrival at Traeth Lafan

We got to the car park, and we did now have some colour in the sky, but we didn’t have any suitable buildings here for the silhouette. There’s a bank on the seaward side of the car park, and it was well grassed, so I took a few shots through the vegetation. I was quite pleased as they actually looked pretty, although not the stunners we often get.

49 sunset reflection
Reflective colours – just

Back in the car for a chat with Jules and a biscuit (cookie), when I remembered the groynes around the corner of the beach. On the way to them the reflections in the water looked interesting, so I took a shot, but it isn’t very note worthy.

50 Sunset and skeleton groynes
Sunset thro’ the groynes, no exposure tweek

I took half a dozen photos through the uprights that once supported the groynes. The first three pics were a bit short on colour, so I underexposed the next three to grab some extra colour.

56 Skeleton groynes
Wooden uprights

Before heading back to Jules, and another chat and a biscuit I took a few shots of the groynes themselves, but the pics were a bit washed out, so I upped the contrast to give them some zap.

60 Sunset and car roof
That roof

Before I got to the biscuit stage, I took a few photos with the roof of the car in them, to see if it would act as the silhouette interest.

64 Sunset and cloud
Swirly cloud

We didn’t like the roof shots very much, if at all, so out of the car again, (there’s a lot of exercise in this photography lark you know) for a few more pics, using a swirly cloud as the point of interest.

The colours and patterns weren’t fantastic tonight, but they were still pretty and enjoyable. We were well chuffed because it hadn’t turned out to be a complete turkey, and we’d had nearly an hour of fresh air and nature; now that can’t be bad.